Today I’m Wearing…

February 18, 2013

Kate Desmarais is a copywriter at Ogilvy Cape Town, an Editor for It’s What I’m Into and part-time Tumblr’er. She also happens to have a sense of style that’s provides some serious outfit inspiration, which is why we’re showing her off to you over the next two weeks in a ‘Today I’m wearing…’ diary.

“I dress according to my mood,” she tells us, “so sometimes I’ll wake up feeling a bit more art-teacher-from-the-nineties and other days it’ll be more Diane-Keaton-in-Annie-Hall. I tend to go for more classic pieces that I can add my own twist to.”

To see even more “Today I’m Wearing…” looks, click through to Brett Robson’s style diary.

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Today I’m Wearing…

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