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    Ginnifer Goodwin isn’t afraid of fashion failure

    Words: GLAMOUR

    The He’s Just Not That Into You star likes to keep her red carpet looks as interesting as possible so isn’t bothered if she ends up on a ‘worst dressed’ list because it’s important for her to take risks.


    She said, “I believe in falling on my face, getting back up and trying again. Clothes are a form of personal expression.


    “Usually I work with stylists, and that’s usually a very good idea. [Then] sometimes I’ll go, ‘I can do this myself!’ And I’ll wear something horrendous and be like, ‘Ah, what did I do?’”


    However, Ginnifer admits now she’s getting older she has to less bold with her fashion choices.
    She told People, “I know that I want to change [my style] up, but I don’t know what that means exactly yet. I’m 34 – about to be 35 – and I feel my maturity in some ways, so it’s time that my wardrobe evolves [with me].”

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