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How to do ombre lips

First there was ombre hair, then nails, and now – ombre lips. Thankfully they are the least time-consuming of the lot and you can get them in 4 easy steps!

What you’ll need: one dark lipstick, one lighter lipstick in the same colour range as the dark one, and a clear gloss. You can use any brands, as long as the pigments are strong.

1. Apply the darker shade straight from the tube as you normally would, covering both lips.


2. Next apply the lighter shade to the inner halves of each lip (so from half way down the lip, towards your mouth) so that the inner part of your lips are lighter than the outside.


3. Blend. This is the most important step. Use you index finger to gently blend the lighter shade outwards (we found tiny tapping movements worked the best). Just make sure you leave the edges darker.

4. Finally add a slick of clear gloss.
You can leave this step out if you’re not a fan of gloss, but we found that it accentuated the ombre effect.

Once you’ve mastered the technique, you can play around with it. Make the outside lighter, add more colours or grade the colours across your lips.


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