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    Adele names her son Angelo

    Adele has named her baby boy Angelo James Konecki!

    Following speculation the 24-year-old singer and her fiance Simon Konecki – who have kept their child’s name a secret since his birth in October–- had called their little one Angelo after she was spotted wearing a gold necklace with the moniker on, insiders have confirmed their son’s middle name is James.

    A source told The Sun newspaper: “They’ve called him Angelo James. What a lovely name. They wanted to keep their choice quiet until they were ready, and wearing the necklace suggests she now is. It is only a name.”

    While the significance of the name Angelo is still not known, the couple were reportedly considering calling him John after the Skyfall hitmaker’s grandfather. The source added: “They were supposedly mulling over John, after Adele’s grandfather, though.”

    Earlier this month, Adele refused to reveal her child’s moniker at the Golden Globes – where she made her first official public appearance since giving birth – because she was “not ready”, but admitted she refers to him as “Little Peanut”.

    When asked the name of her baby, she replied: “It’s too personal and intimate. I’m not ready. I just call him Little Peanut.”


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