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More drama for Lindsay Lohan!

Yesterday Lindsay Lohan claimed she was thrown onto her hotel room floor and choked… but all charges have since been dropped against her alleged attacker.


The 26-year-old ‘Mean Girls’ actress filed a police report in the early hours of yesterday morning, claiming she was choked from behind and tackled to the floor by Christian LaBella in a NYC hotel room.

The uproar started when the actress found out the young man had apparently taken more than 50 photographs of her and was emailing them to his friends. Allegedly, Lindsay only confronted him at first, but sources say they later got into a very heated, physical argument at the W Hotel in Manhattan where she was staying with friends.


LiLo has been dogged by numerous criminal charges stemming from DUI (Driving Under the Influence) and misdemeanour possession to grand theft. Despite her own rebellious past, the star was earlier said to be ‘determined’ that Christian was prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The incident was reported to police at 4:30am on October 30th, with Christian initially being charged with two misdemeanour counts of assault and two counts of harassment, but sources at New York City Police Department told US gossip website TMZ that “all charges have since been dropped against the 25 year-old young man.”


We know LiLo loves acting, but surely she’s been through enough drama already to last a lifetime!


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