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Today I’m Wearing…

She needs little introduction, because if you haven’t seen her fabulous creations at fashion week, in stores or heard about her through various media, you’ve seen her in the pages of GLAMOUR as one of our Woman of the Year in 2011. Having been selected to present a retrospective of South African Fashion at The London Olympics, Suzaan Heyns also recently teamed up with international model, Alek Wek for an Amarula campaign and just opened an exciting new store in Melrose Arch. As this fashion forward icon proves more and more to be a fierce force in the South African fashion industry, we look forward to sharing her daily wardrobe choices for the next two weeks!

See her style DOs & DON’Ts below:

DON’T be afraid to stand out.’Every woman should own a gorgeous red lipstick and a great fragrance. Show off your clavicle, it’s the most feminine part of your body and intrinsically female.’

DO invest in belts. ‘A skinny wrap belt adds a wow factor to any outfit. It cinches your waist and revamps your classics.’

DO develop a personal style. ‘Don’t be a slave to fashion as this takes away from your unique personality. Get to know your body and celebrate it. Always wear what makes you feel comfortable and remember that classicism never goes out of style.’

DO find out what flatters your body. ‘Start with the clothes that people compliment you on and then go back to the outfits that make you feel good. If you feel good, you look good. There are no rules – you should have fun with fashion’

DON’T think that working in fashion is easy. ‘Be prepared to work hard, study hard and assist wherever you can to learn as much as you can. It’s a tiny industry so you need to prove yourself at every turn.’

Suzanne’s top six rules of making it in the fashion industry?

1. Be on time

2. Be presentable

3. Be respectful

4. Take initiative

5. Watch, but don’t interfere

6. Say yes to everything!

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