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Russell Brand and Geri Halliwell bond over yoga!

One has been married to Katy Perry and is known for his playboy antics and foul-mouthed stand-up comedy routines; the other is a Spice Girl with a fiery reputation. But after they both performed at London’s closing Olympic ceremony, fellow Brits Russell Brand and Geri Halliwell have become an unlikely celebrity couple.


The two do, however, share a love for yoga – especially asana, which is the mastery of sitting still. A source dished more details: “Geri has said they have a spiritual connection through yoga. It’s something that has acted as bond as their relationship blossoms. Geri and Russell are being very open about everything, and there’s been no attempt to hide their romantic dates.”


The couple have been spotted out on two dates so far: at a picnic in London and then with Geri’s six-year-old daughter, Bluebell, at London’s Hampton Court Palace, where they were seen giggling and being very touchy-feely.


The revelations come after Russell has been seen dating a brunette he met through his yoga classes a few months ago, while his divorce with Katy Perry was only finalised last month.


It sounds like steady breathing and plenty of stretching is the way to Russell’s heart; the question is, how to keep it?

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