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Famous Fragrance Frenzy: Christina Aguilera Secret Potion

Do you know absolutely everything about celebs – and do you just love to win prizes? Then you’ll want to click back to the GLAMOUR Famous Fragrance Frenzy over and over again, because we’re giving away fantastic celebrity fragrances daily from Monday to Friday for five weeks!


We’ll be asking you to tell us the answers to easy celeb questions on or our Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook pages – and we might just reward you with our daily prizes!


Remember, every Monday means two new fragrances. This week, we’re giving away Christina Aguilera Secret Potion and Avril Lavigne Wild Rose


As the new star in the Christina Aguilera fragrance collection, Secret Potion is for women who want to be the shining centre of attention. Secret Potion will empower you to shine and conquer hearts with its topnotes of passion fruit, lemon and mandarin, heart of lotus, jasmine and orange flower and base notes of musk, tonka bean and ebony. Secret Potion embodies sensuality and true confidence. These alluring characteristics are captured in every detail of the bottle’s design.


The glass flacon is designed with feminine curves, encasing the cool pink-hued fragrance. The bottle is topped off with a mirrored locket engraved with an iconic crest – a sparkling finish to compliment the stunning design. 


Monday’s winner @brancile (surname not supplied on Twitter)


Tuesday’s winner Natalie Vos


Wednesday’s winner Irina Andrewyevna Domanchuk


Thursday’s winner Meagan Elston


Friday’s winner Rehana Seedat

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