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    Famous Fragrance Frenzy: Britney Spears Fantasy

    Do you know absolutely everything about celebs – and do you just love to win prizes? Then you’ll want to click back to the GLAMOUR Famous Fragrance Frenzy over and over again, because we’re giving away fantastic celebrity fragrances daily from Monday to Friday for five weeks!



    We’ll be asking you to tell us the answers to easy celeb questions on or our Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook pages – and we might just reward you with our daily prizes!



    Remember, every Monday means two new fragrances. This week, we’re giving away Britney Spears Fantasy and Paris Hilton Siren. One lucky winner will receive a Fantasy fragrance autographed by Britney Spears herself!



    Fantasy is Britney’s second fragrance to be released. It’s a magic love potion of sweet temptation that leaves a tantalising tail of embracing sensuality. The story begins with an enticing mix of lush red lychee, golden quince and exotic kiwi. The chase is described asa playful tease, laced with a yummy cupcake accord, jasmine petals and sexy white chocolate orchid. At the end, a spell is cast with a surprising finish of creamy musk, enchanted orris root and sensual woods. 


    Monday’s winner TarrynL @tArrynL48


    Tuesday’s winner Maureen Anderson


    Wednesday’s winner Tammy Dollie


    Thursday’s winner Jess Gamble


    Friday’s winner Kelly Bradfield


    This competition is now closed, but visit our Win section for more exciting prizes!

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