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The GLAMOUR Famous Fragrance Frenzy: Kate Moss Lilabelle

Do you know absolutely everything about celebs – and do you just love to win prizes? Then you’ll want to click back to the GLAMOUR Famous Fragrance Frenzy over and over again, because we’re giving away fantastic celebrity fragrances daily from Monday to Friday for five weeks!

We’ll be asking you to tell us the answers to easy celeb questions on or our Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook pages – and we might just reward you with our daily prizes!

Remember, every Monday means two new fragrances.

Capturing the beauty of youth and femininity, Lilabelle is supermodel Kate Moss’s gift to her daughter, for her to enjoy in years to come. Her most personal fragrance to date, Lilabelle is true to Kate’s personality and is a beautifully feminine, delicate, youthful fragrance that fuses contemporary and baroque influences to create a timeless, unforgettable experience.

A pretty, fruity ‘floriental’ fragrance, Lilabelle features an effervescent blend of fruity-floral osmanthus, zesty juicy mandarin and dewy freesia, immediately delivering a richness and modernity. At its heart is a striking and bouquet of white flowers – night blooming jasmine, white lily and plumeria, evoking a luxurious, timeless elegance.

Please note that this competition is now closed, and you can find the winners’ names below. Click through to our Win section to see which celebrity perfumes are on offer in the Famous Fragrance Frenzy this week!

Monday’s winner Adam Collingwood

Tuesday’s winner Samantha Wonfor

Wednesday’s winner Lauren Kruger

Thursday’s winner Sophie Kirsch

Friday’s winner Grace Abrahams

This competition is now closed, but visit our Win section for more exciting prizes!

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