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GLAM Chat: Kerrith Coleman

We in the GLAMOUR office have been lucky enough to sample delicious baked goods from Over Indulgence Cupcakes Creations on a few occasions. Whether they’ve appeared at a birthday or a Chocolate Friday, the cupcakes have always proved a hit, and left us wanting more. We’re not the only ones: since Kerrith Coleman started her business a year ago, she’s been making cupcakes in colours ranging from pastel to neon, making her own decorations and facing just one big problem: sometimes not being able to keep up with the demand for the sweet treats.


GLAMOUR had a few questions for Kerrith – and got her to spill the secret to the icing that we can’t get enough of. And, for today only, you can win a batch of win a batch of custom Over Indulgence Cupcake Creations goodies!

When did  you start making scrumptious cupcakes?

I started experimenting and creating my cupcakes about three years ago, and I’ve been operating my business full-time for the past year.

What’s been your biggest challenges as a small business owner?


A capacity issue – I’ve had to turn down some really large jobs because I’m not able to accommodate such large quantities.


We’re sure Over Indulgence Cupcake Creations will be growing a lot in the future – can you share some details about your plans?

I’ve already started doing some event styling and coordination. Other things I’m very excited about are designing dessert displays and creating customised favours and gifts for events. I’ll be launching this new business later this year.

What’s your secret to making the perfect cupcake?

Using the finest quality ingredients. It’s simple – what you put in, you will get out.

Last but definitely not least – what’s your top tip for perfect icing?

Again, use the best ingredients. When making butter cream frosting, soften and beat the butter before adding the icing sugar and it will be the most delicious, fluffiest and softest icing ever.


To find out more, you can visit the Over Indulgence Cupcake Creations Facebook page, or follow @OverIndulgence on Twitter. You can get in touch with Kerrith to place your orders!

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