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    Editor’s Letter

    Words: Pnina Fenster

    There’s ample reason to love every edition of GLAMOUR, but this one, our annual Shape and GLAMOUR Women of the Year issue, is one of my favourites because it celebrates women at every level. While I certainly don’t believe that the media can be held entirely responsible for the eating disorders and low self-esteem that plague all too many of us (both problems are infinitely more complex than that), we can be a major force for good and GLAMOUR loves that option, starting with our motto, ‘Curvy? Skinny? It’s all good!’ So whatever your size, give your body the love it deserves with the help of our expert pieces on health, attitude and beauty.

    While we’re talking about sharing the love, how about our GLAMOUR Women of the Year? An awesome source of inspiration, these extraordinary individuals stand out for their creativity, kindness, joy, style and passion. For more on our star-studded celebratory event on 21 July, log on to

    But who’s the biggest star of all? You, of course! And if you doubt it, take a few minutes to fill in the wonderful affirmation on the right, courtesy of writer Melissa Walker. It’s guaranteed to remind you that you are taller, stronger and shinier and altogether more amazing than you may give yourself credit for. And there truly is no better way to –

    Go forth and GLAMOURise

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