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Inside info on the Topshop pop-up shop!

With all the excitement of the Topshop and Topman pop-up shop opening up in Cape Town in July, we simply had to find out what we were in for! We got in touch with the owner of boutique store, Unknown Union (where the pop-up shop will be opening), and man behind the brilliant idea, Sean Shuter, to find out just what we can expect.


GLAMOUR: Why did you decide to bring out Topshop/Topman to SA? I mean it’s about time someone did it!

Sean: I’ve had the good fortune of working with Topman on some design projects in the past and have always been a big admirer of what they do. When the Topman/Topshop team saw what we’d done with Unknown Union in Cape Town (both with the design of the boutique and the collections we’re working with), they approached me about working together to give South Africans a taste of what Topshop and Topman have to offer. I only wish we could have done it sooner!


We see the rest of the country has lost out, why only Cape Town?

Simply because our flagship boutique is located here. We do have plans to open Unknown Union in Johannesburg in the near future.


If it’s the project is a success, would you consider opening a permanent store?

Given the reaction we’ve received before the pop-up has even launched, I’m confident that it will be a success. It’s been great working with the Topman/Topshop team on this project, and I’d love to work with them on even bigger and better ventures.

What items and ranges can we expect to see?

We will be carrying an equal amount of men’s and women’s pieces. Of course we are only able to carry a selection of both ranges, so we’ve worked hard to try and offer the most special pieces. We’ve stayed away from basics and tried to choose styles that capture the flair that makes Topshop and Topman so beloved.

Will we receive what’s in store in the rest of the Topshop’s internationally?

Yes – despite the challenges of shipping from the UK, both Topshop and UU have endeavored to offer as current a selection as possible.   


Will there be accessories and shoes too?


Unfortunately, not in the first shipment.


In terms of pricing – will the items be of similar pricing to the items in the UK?


Topshop and Topman are known for offering amazing product at affordable prices, so we’re working with them to insure we offer the best price possible for our clients. But due to factors beyond our control, such as high import duty on foreign made garments, we won’t be able to offer the same pricing as in the UK.


Are you bringing in a large amount of clothing?

We’re offering as broad a selection of the best pieces from both brands as we can, given the size of our space. The selection is wide but there aren’t many items, as there is only one of each style per size, which means if a client finds something they like, they won’t see everyone else wearing it.

What if you run out of clothing, will you ship in more?

Yes. However, we won’t be restocking any of the styles we’re carrying, only bringing in new ones.


So girls, you can finally breathe out, as it seems you’re guaranteed a true Topshop shopping experience!


The pop-shop opens on 12 July at Unknown Union, 24 Kloof street, Cape Town.

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