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    If you’ve ever fantasised about going to the airport and buying a ticket to the first exotic destination you find, you’ll have a sense of what it was like to work on the launch of GLAMOUR SA: thrilling and unknown. Our bags were packed, our hearts were open, we just didn’t know where we were going to land. But in the true spirit of ‘Leap and the net will appear’, our destination turned out to be filled with adventure, beauty and extraordinary people.


    One hundred issues on, the land of GLAMOUR is better than ever and it’s still an adventure – a blessing we’re celebrating with an issue that positively shines with GLAMOUR’s distinctive style and warmth. From skills that will make all the difference to your success and happiness to this year’s glorious GLAMOUR Women of the Year winners, we’ve scored a century as we – Go forth and and GLAMOURise.


    GLAMOUR Women of the Year


    Our annual awards started three years ago with an amazing line-up of inspiring women and a small, elegant high tea. They’re now a star-studded event that helps change lives.


    Model citizens


    The minute she walked into our offices, Kaone Kario’s X-factor was clear. She’s now making waves in New York. Then there was the stunning Candice Swanepoel who graciously put up with a very tricky horse. Well, we all know where she is now: a star at Vogue, Victoria’s Secret, and on Forbes’ World’s top-Earning Models list.


    Our body confidence campaign


    It began with a single image: Lizzie Miller, size 12-14, belly, thighs and all. The worldwide reaction was proof positive that women would love our new motto: ‘Skinny? Curvy? It’s all good!’


    SA’s sexiest man


    We asked, you voted and we all agreed. Janez Vermeiren is not only extremely easy on the eye, but also clever and charming. That’s sexy!



    We’re committed to being the glossy that fits your lifestyle and your handbag and when your lifestyle went digital, so did we. Visit for more of the fashion and fun that’s made us famous.

    Our biggest and our worst cover stars ever


    Jennifer, let us count the ways we love you: five times on GLAMOUR’s cover, plus GLAMOUR Hair (on sale right now). But Britney, you broke our hearts! On the very weekend that trucks were being loaded with this angelic image, you shaved off your hair. Quel horreur!

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