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Blake reveals her ultimate man!

Blake Lively likes ”effortlessly” fashionable men (who doesn’t!)


The 24-year-old actress – who is believed to be dating actor Ryan Reynolds – finds guys who are well groomed very attractive and particularly likes those with a timeless sense of style.


She said: ”It’s definitely attractive when a man can dress well. What I love most is when someone, guy or girl, is effortless and has this old-timey sort of feel [that] you could take a snapshot of them and they could exist in any time period.”


The Gossip Girl star also admitted she likes guys who love food because she enjoys cooking so much. She added to America’s Marie Claire magazine: ”To be around me, you must love food or I’m the most obnoxious person you’ve ever met. ”I’m in a big cooking phase. That’s all I’ll talk about.”


And though Blake has no plans to marry in the near future, she admits her love of fashion has spilled over into her thoughts about a dream wedding. She explained: ”What I planned before I got into the business has changed. ”Now I’m like, ‘Hmm, I wonder what shoes Christian [Louboutin] is going to make me. And which couture house should I go to?’ ”


Hmmm, we think we can picture Ryan Reynolds in this scene, can you?


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