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9 Staying stylish tips!

We’re late, we’re broke, we’re too busy to think about it…but does that really mean we can’t dress well anymore? And when did dressing down become a fashion statement? GLAMOUR’s fashion director, Bronwyn Day gives us 9 tips to help you stay stylish:


1: Allocate a monthly allowance to your wardrobe to stop splurging and buy wisely.


2: Check the weather and plan your outfit the night before –you’re sure to look put together!


3: Dress according to your mood, but also your diary. (Meeting? After-work cocktails?).


4: Keep a pair of neutral heels in a bag under your desk for those ‘just in case’ moments.


5: Stay on top of trends and get clued up on styling by reading magazines and blogs.


6: Know your body and assets, and dress to highlight ’em – just not too much!


7: Invest in these classics: a neutral trench coat, black or brown leather bag, statement jewellery, a fabulous cocktail dress in black or cream (timeless colours!), a crisp shirt, tailored trousers, a cardigan and jeans that flatter your shape. Done!


8: Keep a neat coif with a trim every six weeks. Failing all else, be sure to keep locks clean.


9: Whatever happens, stay appropriate. Don’t let your sweatpants make it to work. Ever.

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