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    From here to internity

    Words: Pnina Fenster

    During the past eight years, all manner of interns have come, gone and, in the case of truly outstanding talents, joined GLAMOUR permanently. True to cliché, there was the girl who could barely tear herself away from her own reflection in the fashion office mirror, the one who fainted when asked to introduce herself at the morning meeting and the one who rolled her eyes and drawled “Yeh, yeh yeh” when she was asked to do anything. The vast majority, however, impress us hugely with their work ethic, style and enthusiasm. All of which brings us to Laetitia Breedt, the intern who not only charmed all and sundry with her can-do attitude, but also left us with these adorable illustrations of our team. It’s our spirit-lifting encouragement to – Go forth and GLAMOURise!

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