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Eva admits to being a really bad dater!

Latin hottie Eva Longoria admits she is terrible at dating. The ‘Desperate Housewives’ actress, who recently came out of a year-long relationship with Penelope Cruz’ brother Eduardo, says she doesn’t perform well during initial romantic meetings.

She confessed: ”I’m the worst dater ever.” Eva, 37, who divorced ex-husband Tony Parker in 2010 after three years of marriage amid allegations he had cheated on her, is launching her own dating show called ‘Ready For Love’, and insists she can understand why people would want to take part. 


She told Access Hollywood: ”When you get to a point in your life and you’ve tried everything and you’ve exhausted blind dates you kind of go, ‘I really want to share this life with somebody’. That’s one thing I think these guys are, they’re ready for love and they’re at a point in their life where they’re ready to share that with someone.”

But having been spotted enjoying a cosy meal with 26-year-old Eduardo in West Hollywood earlier this month, she remains coy about whether she is looking for her own new love. She laughed: ”Who knows.” One thing’s for sure – this beauty definitely won’t be single for long!


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