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All about the ‘fro!

One of our favourite things about fashionista and GLAMOUR blogger and street style photographer The Quirky Stylista? That ‘fro, of course! Big, bold and ultra-GLAM, t’s certainly one of our favourite ‘DOs. We chatted to her about her statement ‘DO and just how she pulls it off.


GLAMOUR: We love your afro, how long have you had it for?


Funeka: I’ve had for about two years now.


What made you decide to grow one?


My bank account and hairline were beginning to complain because I spent so much money on extensions. I also just find natural hairstyles or natural inspired hairstyles really beautiful and authentic.


Do you have a certain style you’re channeling?

I’m a modern hipster – the 70s inspire me at a lot!


Have you ever had relaxed hair?


Yes, and I looked like Timon the meerkat from The Lion King!


If so, what is easier to maintain/style?


It wasn’t easy! I had patches and a burnt scalp – my hair was thinning and grew into a mediocre length. I looked a hot mess, so I chopped it all off and started again.



Do people approach you differently because of your ‘big’ (and beautiful) hair?


Yes they do. People tell me I’m bold and fearless. I also get other fearless people yanking my hair from all different directions. Most guys actually use my hair as a pick-up-line, like: ‘hey I’m going to a 70s party, wanna come?’


What products do you use?


I use organic products. TRESemme naturals are my favourite. For extensions I use detangling leave-in conditioner. It helps keep the hair soft and manageable.


Is all that hair real?


Yes and No! I use extensions for volume, then leave my natural hair at the front for a natural look. If people can tell that it isn’t your hair, then you’re doing it wrong.


What extensions do you use?


I use a hairpiece called ‘vibrations’ or ‘hard dread.’


How often do you need to get them redone?


My hair regimen is simple. After every four weeks I wash my hair and put on fresh hairpiece.


Any tips for other GLAM girls out there on how to get the best out of their afro?


What works for me might not work for next person. With that said, natural hair requires lots and lots of patience.


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