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    5 Things we learnt from this issue

    Words: Pnina Fenster

    If there’s one theme that runs through your letters and comments with us, it’s that GLAMOUR is your source of style, life and success lessons – we love that. So here are some of our favourites from this issue. Go forth and GLAMOURise!

    That Ryan is a name you want on your lips. Gosling, Reynolds, Leslie, Phillippe, Seacrest… Ryan, we ain’t lyin’, we’ve got a crush on (all of) you!

    That as Coco Chanel famously noted, “fashion fades, style is eternal”. And who better to share advice on the subject than Kate Moss, Roberto Cavalli and Gavin Rajah? The tips that make us extremely happy: animal print, sexy dresses and sequins can be super stylish, too. Whoo-hoo!

    That women are awesome. Two great women were involved in this month’s drop-everything read: award winning TV producer and journalist Hazel Friedman and Jessca Foord, the rape survivor whose motivational talks, foundation and community work are helping heal SA. Whatever you read this month (and there’s plenty!) don’t miss, “They might have taken my body, but I won’t let them take my mind”.

    The mothers are especially awesome. You’ll find many inspiring Mother’s Day-linked quotes in this issue, but one of the best is from Bonang Mothebes mom: “The only time you should look down on someone is when you’re helping them up.” Now that’s a great motto for our cutthroat and competitive age! And Mom – you rock!

    That fantasy creatures are runaway-hot. You’d need a heart of stone to resist Jessica Rabbit (hell, we secretly want to be her!). And happily, Jessica’s pout and Edward Scissorhands’ Goth eyes are BIG catwalk beauty trends right now, so go on – colour your face!

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