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Katy gets a style makeover!

Katy Perry is reportedly planning a change of image, even though that’s what we thought her blue hair was all about?!


Katy apparently wants to move on from her split with Russell Brand and find a new man by undergoing a complete style makeover. A source said: ‘Katy now wants to find a mature, kind, more settled man and to appeal to him she realises she must grow up and move well away from her garish image. She’s been talking to a brilliant counsellor in Los Angeles who’s helping her to move on from the pain of her marriage breakdown. She now understands that major changes in her professional life will help her make changes in her personal life.”


The couple married in an Indian ceremony in 2009 but Russell, 36, filed for divorce in December citing ‘irreconcilable differences’. Now Katy – who has since been linked with French model Baptiste Giabiconi – is said to be hoping to complete her reinvention by landing an acting role.


The source told the Daily Star newspaper: ‘Katy’s talking to top Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein about how to move into acting, as she is desperate to be taken seriously. She realises people may doubt her abilities but is confident she can change people’s minds. She feels she’s successfully reinvented herself before when she moved away from her religious family and that she can do so again after Russell.’


If changing her hair daily isn’t reinventing herself already, then we can’t even imagine what Katy has in store for us!

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