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Ryan’s fear of… Denzel Washington?

Ah, Ryan! Pretty much anything about you makes us swoon – especially that you’ve been in Cape Town!


The gorgeous 35-year-old actor, who has been filming recently in SA, was “shocked” that his co-star, Denzel Washington, didn’t get angry when he accidentally head butted him while shooting their latest movie Safe House, instead just telling him not to worry about it. (What a gent!)

Ryan said, “You get some injuries, and sometimes you’re actually making contact. You don’t want to be punching Denzel Washington in the face for 18 takes, but I did give him a black eye, which did not feel good.” Ouch!

“Shockingly, he was OK about it. I thought he was going to turn me into liquid or something at the end of the take. I thought, I’m going to be asked to leave. Not just the set… Cape Town.”

In the movie, Denzel’s character is the victim of waterboarding – a form of torture where an individual is shackled down as water is poured over their towel-covered head – and Ryan admits it was “disturbing” to watch the 57-year-old star act out the scenes.


“I’ve never seen waterboarding done before. If my character was waterboarded, I would have done it. At least that’s what I like to think. But, no. I didn’t have a go. It was difficult to watch. Horrible.”


Did any of you spot Ryan in Cape Town?

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