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Cheryl vs Cher

Cheryl Cole has launched a veiled attack against her former X Factor protégé Cher Lloyd.

The Girls Aloud singer took to her Twitter account to post a cryptic message which appeared to warn the ‘Swagger Jagger’ hitmaker, who recently criticised the brunette beauty for miming in her performances, to “be careful” with her words and actions.

Cheryl tweeted, “Be Careful who you kick on your way up … They kick you twice as hard on your way back down. #Unappreciationisugly [sic].” Her message comes after Cher mocked her former mentor in a radio interview earlier this week.

When asked whether she would ever perform with Cheryl, she replied, “Maybe, if she’d sing live with me.”
And when questioned if the prospect of singing live could be a difficult one for the ‘Promise This’ singer, Cher replied, “Well it is nowadays, when you haven’t got the nifty little button to press!” But when asked if she was talking about autotune she laughed and sarcastically replied, “What, oh no? Never, never ever!”


Cher recently revealed she hasn’t heard from Cheryl – who quit her judging role on the X Factor to become a panellist on the US version of the show before she was axed after just four audition rounds – since they worked together on the talent show in 2010. She explained, “Cheryl understood me and helped me a lot and so it’s sad that I haven’t heard from her. But if she wants to give me a ring she can. If not, that’s fine too.”


Sounds like a long-running celeb spat is about to unfold!


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