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    February 2012

    Feel that love!

    There’s a lot of love in this issue, from romantic beauty and sexy fashion (lingerie included), to Engagement Chicken – a recipe with a record for eliciting those four life-changing words from whichever man experiences its culinary charms. Not a cooking kind of gal? Then just go straight to ‘How to make any man in the zodiac fall in lust with you’, a feature that induced shrieks of delight in the GLAMOUR office, and had the fabulous man who was working with us blushing, and refusing to reveal his star sign. (We got it out of him eventually: Cancer, indicating a tender soul and a penchant for sex by the sea.)

    Of course, Valentine’s Day isn’t only about being coupled up. Half of GLAMOUR’s readers are singletons, with grand galpals, goals and prospects. And just as we celebrate every body with our motto, ‘Curvy? Skinny? It’s all good!’, so we applaud your life stage, whatever it is. You’ll find plenty of stories to prove it.

    But star billing in this issue goes to a very special new monthly feature: ‘Bonang’s World’. We’re thrilled to showcase the charisma and style of one of SA’s most adored women, the one and only Bonang Matheba. From her striking clothes to her inspiring career and attitude, Bonang is a true GLAMOUR icon – and she’s wonderfully friendly and down to earth with it. And that is surely worth loving as you – go forth and GLAMOURise!

    Pnina Fenster, editor

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