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Dates divine!

If you are looking to kick-start the New Year on a healthier foot, one fruit that will make an excellent addition to your diet is the date. For centuries in both the Middle East and North Africa, dates were prized for their nutritional content and many cultures from the region called the date palm the “tree of life”.


First of all, dates are the perfect guilt-free treat, as they are deliciously sweet, but contain many essential minerals and nutrients. They are packed with dietary fibre which helps remove many of the impurities in the body which leave us feeling tired, lethargic and bloated. They are rich in potassium, which reduces blood pressure and helps keep the heart healthy. Dates are also both sodium and cholesterol free.


Just like any fruit, dates contain powerful anti-oxidants such as selenium, which supports the immune system and the thyroid gland. Women who suffer from the discomfort of pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) would be wise to snack on dates, because they carry a number of B-Vitamins, which help to boost energy, improve brain function and combat stress. More importantly, they contain iron and copper, which build red blood cells and prevent anaemia. The energy contained in dates will also help increase stamina and libido.


Dates can be eaten anytime of the day and are especially delicious when served in a breakfast smoothie or with some nuts for a quick afternoon snack. There are many date varieties, but one of the most delectable is the Medjool, which has a creamy-caramel flavour and best of all, just a small handful of this succulent fruit will give you that instant “full feeling” which delays the urge to reach for the biscuit tin. Finally, as part of a healthy diet, dates will certainly contribute to making you look and feel your best. As fruits go, this one is a winner.


So why not treat yourself?

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