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The best of bubbly

Serving bubbly is an important part of any occasion. However, when the time comes to select your sparkles, many wonder what exactly goes into a bottle. Here are some tips and explanations to add to your celebrations from Cobus van Graan, Laborie General Manager

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Am I drinking Champagne or Methodé Cap Classique?

When it comes to naming, the “Champagne” name is fairly confusing. Champagne is a wine region in France, and their controlling body, CIVC, objected to the use of the word “Champenoise” by other producers. Hence, South African producers created an alternative name – Méthode Cap Classique (MCC), made in the traditional French method.

The 3 steps to drinking MCC

Yes, drinking bubbly is easy… But there are a few things you should know that’ll make your drinking experience even more fun!

Opening the bottle

We all know that Champagne is best served cold, but in case you’re wondering the ideal temperature of the bubbly drink is 7ËšC. To open your Cap Classique like a pro, hold the bottle at a 45 degree angle, and remove enough foil to loosen the twisted wire top. Make sure that the bottle is pointed away from any bystanders. Then, slowly ease the cork out of the bottle with your hand slightly covering the cork. The cork should pop gently into your hand – with no loud explosions or disasters involving lost bubbly!


It’s simple – just tilt your glass at a 45 degree angle, and pour the Cap Classique against the side of the glass, to ensure that fewer bubbles are lost in the pouring process.


If you look into your glass of Cap Classique, you’ll notice a ‘string of pearls’, formed by the bubbles rising to the surface. All you need to do at this stage, is sip and enjoy. To make sure your Cap Classique keeps its cool, hold your glass by its stem.

Remember to enjoy your bubbles responsibly – and if you’ve over-indulged a little, find out how to deal with the effects here.

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