Naya Rivera shares her skin story

Naya Rivera was distraught when she developed acne at 24.

The ‘Glee’ beauty – who is the new face of spot solution Proactive – admits she found having bad skin tough, but now she is “fixed” of the problem she is feeling more confident than ever. She said: “I had really bad skin for a while earlier this year. It sort of just came out of nowhere. It was like adult acne, and I was like. ‘I’ve had great skin my entire life. How am I dealing with this now at 24?’

“It was pretty embarrassing going to work every day and having to be on camera and having the make-up artists be like, ‘Oh what’s going?’ My ‘Glee’ co-stars were really supportive. I would go around and talk about it. It was a point of insecurity for me. But I’m glad I got it fixed, I’ll say that.”

She also reveals she approached the company as she wanted to share her success story with the product.

She told People: “I used Proactiv and it really did work for me. It helped me out, so I got in contact with the company and told them I would love to share my story. So I showed them photos and they said, ‘This is great.’ Wait till people see my pictures. That’s all I have to say. I definitely have the photos to prove [I had a problem].”


It’s good to know the stars also struggle with insecurities! Do you suffer from adult acne? Let our beauty experts help you out. Click here to see their advice.

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