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    January 2012

    Happy love-filled, laughter-infused, strong, successful, sexy, stylish and, of course, GLAMOURous New Year! A diabolical array of crises – humanitarian, financial and ecological – have ensured that 2011 has had its tragedies and challenges. But it’s also had its great achievements and joys, and the changes around us are all the more reason to cherish our loved ones, our dreams, our planet and ourselves. So get ready for the countdown! The party starts right here, with sparkly fashion, summery beauty and irresistible hostess-in-a-hurry recipes. (Cherry smash cocktails and spicy Jamaican chicken? Count us in.)

    You’ll also find inspiration for a beautifully fresh start, with everything from tips for firing up your sex life, fitness and career attitude, to ways to de-clutter your wardrobe (an amazingly satisfying enterprise – we promise!).

    Thank you, gorgeous GLAMOUR girl, for being with us through 2011. We wish you all the very best things in life as you fill the pages of your GLAMOUR/Maybelline diary. As the Irish proverb goes, ‘May your hand be always stretched out in friendship and never in want’ as you –

    Go forth and GLAMOURise –

    Pnina Fenster, editor

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