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No need to travel…

Opening its first store in 1975 in the North of Spain, the Zara chain now consists of hundreds of outlets spanning across 80 countries, the latest addition being in South Africa.

For those of you who don’t know what Zara is, we suggest you talk to a friend who’s recently travelled to Europe – and don’t be too surprised when she starts jumping up and down in jubilation upon hearing that Joburg is being graced with its presence. The over-2,600sqm store in Sandton will house women’s, men’s and kids’ collections specifically designed for the Southern Hemisphere.

Zara is unique in that it deals with every stage of the fashion production process; design, manufacture, distribution and sale. To keep things fresh for loyal shoppers, a new selection of clothing is released twice weekly.

Start counting down the days, ladies – the store opens on the 10 November in the new extension of Sandton City, Joburg. Now the money you spent travelling overseas to shop might just be spent here!

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