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Man Candy Monday

When talented South African singer songwriter Yoav was back in his home country recently, GLAMOUR was lucky enough to chat to him. He left quite an impression on us, so we thought we’d share five facts that you may not know about our crooning crush!

1. He’s opened for acts such as Imogen Heap, The Ting Tings and Underworld. The group he’d still like to tour with? Arcade Fire.

2. His mom is South African and his dad’s Romanian. Since he was born in Israel, that makes him South African Israeli-Romanian… A bit of a mouthful, but at least we know what heritage is responsible for those brooding good looks!

3. He calls his sound “alternative electro pop”. Another mouthful, then…

4. A member of the Gorillaz used to be Yoav’s stylist. Far from cartoon crazy, the look he was left with is cosy, comfortable, and pretty sophisticated.

5. At the moment he’s listening to old-school hip hop and Swedish group The Knife.

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