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    November 2011

    Words: Pnina Fenster

    You won’t be short of delicious fashion and beauty in this GLAMOURous issue, but if you’re craving a single accessory that’ll amp up everything, it won’t be new heels (stylish as they may be); it’ll be an attitude shift that can change the world. Think that’s an exaggeration? Then get ready to be inspired by our exclusive interview with Eve Ensler, the writer, activist and all-round powerhouse behind The Vagina Monologues, the recipient of 20 major awards, and and the founder of V-Day, a global movement to stop violence against women that has raised over $85 million (R595 million), educated countless girls and funded over 12 000 community based anti-violence programmes and safe houses around the world. One of the fiercest and most fabulous women it’s been my privelege to meet, Eve is just what you’d want a feminist activist to be: brilliant, expressive, charismatic, complex and courageous. (And forget the cliché that feminists are humourless and badly dresse, she’s also witty, warm, stylish and a big Beyoncé and Rihanna fan.)

    Every woman should be a feminist and if that feels too heavy to bear, just answer these questions: do you believe in equal work? Do you abhor the violence perpetrated against women? Do you want to be safe, cherished, and and able to make your mark? Then, you’re a feminist too – and there’s no better way to –

    Go forth and GLAMOURise.

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