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Hermès Saris

The French fashion house is the first Western brand to launch a line of limited-edition saris to cater to India’s luxury market. The traditional dresses are inspired by Hermès’ signature scarves.

Depending on their reception, the French-produced saris are a tempory range sold for between £3,800-5,200 (R46,740-63,960) each. They’re made mousselin, cashmere and silk and are available at their recently opened flagship store in Mumbai.

Hermès is one of the few fashion houses to have a street-level store in India.

Hermès Chief Executive, Patrick Thomas, said, “there have been a lot of connections between Hermès and India. Designing these saris for Indian customers is a way to pay light homage to India, and say, ‘Hermès admires India and has a lot to learn from India.'”

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