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Fashionably Philanthropic

What could be better than looking fashion-forward and contributing to a cause while doing so?


PUMA has just collaborated with socially engaged French designer, Sakina M’sa, to produce a reinterpretation of their iconic grip bag to do just that. Launched in the 1950s, the classic accessory symbolises how the sports brand has incorporated athletics into everyday lifestyle.


The latest addition to their successful line uses M’sa’s trademark ‘Bleu de Travail’ (directly translated as blue of work). Using premium leather handles and trimming, the blue bag is accessorised with three antique gold spanners and a leather luggage tag containing the designer’s fascinating story. Each bag comes with a personal message and a portrait of a French worker wearing the blue uniform.


M’sa is socially engaged with those who have difficult working situations, and runs a factory in Paris operated by economically and socially excluded women. The ‘Trevo Workshop’ trains them the construction of clothing and helps them to overcome personal difficulties, such as learning French, housing etc.


The stunning blue French-produced bag can be yours for R2599, with limited stock sold at Century City Shopping Centre in Cape Town.

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