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    Curves are in fashion!

    The former French Vogue editor celebrates women of all shapes and sizes. She insists that she never used models she thought were too thin in the magazine as she felt a responsibility to her readers. “I prefer to use curvy girls like Lara Stone – I tell myself that my kids are going to read the magazine and I don’t want them to feel bad.”


    “In my 10 years, I never put a girl that was too skinny in French Vogue. I think readers can be very impressionable and you have to pay attention to what you tell them and put in the magazine,” says Carine Roitfeld. 


    Carine believes that none of the women depicted in the magazine were ever objectified and she always tried to give the impression of “strong” females. 


    In an interview with the Independent newspaper she adds: “I don’t think the woman in French Vogue was an object, she was always a real woman. Even if there was a lot of bondage around her, she doesn’t look like she is suffering. If she wears high heels and a garter belt, it’s because that’s what she wants she’s a strong woman.” 


    Embracing your curves? C’est chic


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