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8 New rules for beauty buying

Fear not, ladies. There is a way to look deliciously expensive… without the bank-breaking credit card receipts. Here, our savviest shopping solutions.

1. Write a list Plan beauty aisle excursions to keep your impulse buys under control. You’ll feel empowered if you have specific goals and you’ll avoid ‘what was I thinking’ splurges.

2 Bigger is better Buy disposable toiletries like cotton wool, earbuds, soap and razors in bulk and look out for special offers on extra-large bottles of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body lotion. Then, simply decant them into smaller containers for easy everyday use.

3 Speak to your stylist If you love pricey hair products, chat to your stylist about discounts or bulk savings. If they don’t want to help, find a salon that will.

4 Cut corners in the chair Think long term at the hairdresser. If you’re blonde and need highlights, include a shade that’s close to your natural tone – it’ll camouflage regrowth and allow for a longer period between salon visits. If you’re a brunette or redhead, look for a root touch-up kit to use between colour appointments.
5 It’s nifty being thrifty Snip the top off tubes to get the most out of your favourite products; you’ll be amazed at how much is still in there. You can also cut your cotton wool pads in half and concoct your own body lotion by blending an expensive scented brand with an affordable unscented variety.

6 Be a guinea pig Beauty therapy training colleges and hairdressing schools are often on the look-out for case studies (aka practice runs), at a fraction of the usual price, or sometimes at no charge at all. Just be prepared to spend in time what you don’t spend in rands, as students tend to take longer than professionals. TRY Terenzo Hairdressing The School (011 325 6094; 021 422 5484), Isa Carstens Health and Skin Care Academy (021 883 9777), International Academy of Health and Skin Care (021 421 6661) or Academy of Beauty Therapy (031 765 5731).

7 Don’t be a slave to trends The most flattering products are often simple, natural-looking basics: foundation, concealer, a natural eyeshadow palette with matching liners, mascara, nude lipstick, a striking lip shade for evening and clear gloss.  

8 Been there, got the card What’s not to love about stores that stock a fantastic beauty product range at great prices and reward consumer loyalty with discounts and vouchers? Here are a few to help your cash go further.
Clicks Clubcard In addition to earning points when you shop at Clicks, special promotions mean you can earn double or bonus points and take advantage of three-for-two offers. Vouchers are mailed every three months to customers who’ve earned 100 points or more over a three-month period.
Hotline: 0860 254 257
Makro card You get access to wholesale prices and Makro Rewards on promotional items. Cardholders are also automatically entered into store competitions when they shop.
Hotline: 0860 300 999
Dis-Chem Beautiful Women Card Dis-Chem points accumulate every time you shop and cardholders get to participate in special offers, events, workshops, giveaways and double-point days. Plus, for every eight salon treatments you have with Dis-Chem you get another two free. Points can be redeemed at any time, and you can use them to buy something else.
Hotline: 0800 201 170

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